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Trigger enable/disable


In the Trigger Editor, I don’t see a way to Enable or Disable the trigger. The only way I see how to do it is right-clicking on it from the Object Nav. Sometimes I want to create a new Trigger - disabled. Now I have to create it enabled, then go back to the Obj Nav, and disable it. I think a checkbox on the editor would be helpful.

Also (tiny aesthetic thing), when you right-click on the trigger from the Obj Nav, the Disable menu option is right below the Code Road Map. After it is disabled and you right-click on it to enable it, the Enable option is separated from Code Road Map by a separator bar.

Pretty much the same on Constraints.



Hi Charlie,

Yes, an option within the Trigger editor to ‘create enabled/disabled’ seems a good one to me!! I’ll raise an enhancement request for it now.

As for the grouping within the context menu… I’ll raise a seperate request to have this reviewed for all of the available options. The current grouping seems nonsensical to me (thanks for bringing it to my attention).