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Try out Benchmark Factory 7.5 Beta!!!


The initial release of Benchmark Factory 7.5 Beta is available now to try out!!!

In this release we have made several enhancements to both Oracle and SQL Server Capture Process including;

  • Users can specify CPU Usage, disk free space, and SYSTEM free space thresholds which, when exceeded, will automatically stop the capture.

  • The Capture Status page has been redone to include much more information about the capture such as total sessions captured, unique users captured, etc.

  • Both Capture wizards, both Oracle and SQL Server, have been changed to make more sense to the user.

Try it out and let us know what you think!!


Last update contains the following;

  • Fixes for SQL Server capture and it’s threshold settings

  • UI updates to the new status page for both Oracle and SQL Server capture.

  • Fixes to the display of various statistics, including sessions captured, user captured, etc. for both Oracle and SQL Server.


With this latest update the following changes/fixes have been done.

  • Changed New Job Wizard UI for the capture page to launch new stand-alone capture application.

  • Fix issue with SQL Server capture crashing

  • Several fixes on the new statistics capturing