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TSS-1144: Update please?


What’s happening with issue TSS-1144 ?

I’ve just downloaded the latest Beta and it’s still happening.

Thank you

Oh come on guys! Are some bugs just not that “important”?

Hi Tec, our apologies we couldn’t respond to your post in time. We didn’t forget TSS-1144. It is on top of the list and we have people looking at it. We will let you know once it is fixed.

Thanks Vincent. I hope so, I certainly hope so. It’s been months and several beTas prior when I first raised this with Debbie

Well the latest Beta still has the same issue. I get the feeling that this “bug” is not a bug inside the program itself, but in the configuration files. Could someone please point me to where in the Config files I may be able to force TOAD to colour scheme each database connection differently?


Thank you very much.

Some update for this issue(QAT-6544,TSS-1144). We are investigating this. And it maybe related to a problem that appropriate DB is not selected after double-click (or Set as current) on connection.


Configuration files are located under user’s application data folder:

Help->About->Application DataDirectory.

Then will open Folder: C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for SQL Server 6.7

Connections.xml, Settings.xml

Hmm that didn’t help. I checked all ASCII files I could find in those folders and nothing stands out to me that could cause this bug. Yes I can see my choice of colours for the Connections in Connections.xml, but that is what I expected and it’s not happening in Toad itself. I can even change the Hex colors in the XML file, but they are not kept per connection as per the original issue.