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Two Bugs Related to Finishing Foreign Keys [3 Attachments]


[ Attachment(s) from Charles Haines included below]

I’ve encountered two bugs when trying to use the autocomplete for foreign
keys in a JOIN statement.

The first is if I type the alias for the table in the join and hit the key to
bring up the autocomplete it shows the autocomplete correctly as show in image1.
However if I hit tab to perform the auto complete nothing happens. I can not
get it to actually do the autocomplete I have selected.

The second defect is, if I start the ON statement for the join and get to the
second part and attempt to do the autocomplete I expect it to show a list of
columns in the aliases table, however instead if autocompletes the JOIN but
it’s incorrect. Image2 shows me on the second part of the JOIN and hitting
the autocomplete button and Image3 shows what happens. What I expected is to
have a drop down list of columns instead of the autocomplete happening.

Hopefully I am explaining what is happening well enough. If not please let me
know and I will try and articulate better.

Charles Haines
Code Monkey

Recorded Books, LLC