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two more observations


After playing a little more with the code editor I’ve noticed the following:

  1. the Execute function (F9 or right-click -> Execute) does not appear to do anything currently. This was something I used quite a bit so I hope it returns

  2. I can’t seem to print code for a stored proc. No matter what has focus when I click File -> Print Preview it always seems to be printing the output window. How can I print stored code?



Hi Dwayne,

  1. F9/Execute is still available and working as expected. We could not reproduce your issue here ourselves. Can you please give more details on this, steps to reproduce would be great.

  2. Nice catch. Yes, Printing has been added and will be available for you in the next drop.


Hi Bruce,

Let me clarify on the F9/Execute thing.

In Sqlnav 5.x I could press F9 either in the DB Navigator, or when in the stored proc editor, and it would come up with a dialog to accept the input arguments to run with.

In the beta F9 does nothing from the DB Navigator (indeed even the right-click option to execute is gone). When I try to execute from within the new UE by either clicking the lightening bolt, or pressing F9, it runs…at least I get a message saying:
9:24:05 Procedure/function bitor executed

However, I was not prompted with a dialog to supply any arguments. I have no idea what arg values it ran with since there were no defaults for the arguments.

In fact, despite the message, I see no other indication that it did actually run. I put in a dbms_output.put_line in the proc and I don’t get any output.

Does this help at all?


I dislike this too, to run stored proc, you must open it first, then change left pane to input variables fill it and then execute …


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…now I see. I didn’t even notice the new thing on the left title “Parameters” There is just too much there to notice another button showing up.

I would prefer that at a minimum it at least shifts focus to the area where you input parameters when you try to execute (instead of just telling me it executed when it in fact did not).



I think run script generation would be helpful too, i dislike executing in background…
Roman please could you do that?


Thanks Dwayne for getting back with more info. Thanks Piter too :slight_smile:

I will discuss with Roman and see what we can do to make the flow better with the execution.