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Typos in online Help - Page: "Returning String Quick Start"



I found the following on this page:

In Inputs, change the START_INvalude from 2 to -2.

I’m thinking it should be:

*In Inputs, change the START_IN value from 2 to -2.
*Lower down, in the steps for Building the Null String Test Case, I think the key names are out of date (maybe updated in the 1.8 beta?). Specifically, it says:

Select the Use an existing test data group radio button.
I think that radio button has been renamed to:
Use existing list or query
I also found those steps a little confusing until I realized I’d missed steps 7-9, because they look the same for the START_IN and END_IN parameters. I’d humbly suggest you make steps 4-6 sub-tasks of step 3, and steps 8-10 sub-tasks of what’s now step 7. Also, some of the key references need bolding there.




Thanks, I told our documentation person and he wil fix it.