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UE column sort


Being able to just click on a column and it sorts is nice, but the ability to copy the column heading is now missing. I use that option on a daily basis. The grid now sorts the column with either mouse click. How about if it sorts with the Right mouse click, and on the left mouse click give the ability to copy the column header?



Actually, you can just drag your column headings from the grid to editor - this will insert the column name into the text. By the way, did you notice the Columns panel where you can choose which columns to display?



Cool. The drag and drop is nice.

The Column Panel is nice too. Couple things…

  1. It would be nice to be able to Sort the columns (I have some tables with a couple hundred columns, and it’s hard to find columns when it’s not sorted).

  2. Can you Drag a column Up or Down? Clicking on the Move Up button is great when you have 10 or 20 columns, but when you have 200, and you want to move a column that is currently at 175 all the way up to 5, that takes a while clicking the Move Up button.



Looks reasonable to me. OK, so we have two new ERs…



PS. Charlie, it’s great to have you as a beta tester, but we’d love to hear from you also some general feedback about UE. We want to be sure we’re heading in the right direction. So please could you provide your opinion on:

  1. whether UE as a whole is a good idea;
  2. UI design;
  3. performance and stability;
  4. importance of the breakthrough solutions brought by UE, such as the true Unicode support, Outline, multi-tabbed and split-window editing, etc;
  5. how hard to learn it is (for yourself or a new user);
  6. other things you’d like to share with us.

How would you rate SQL Navigator with UE against other PL/SQL development tools? Would you consider UE a decent replacement of SQL Editor and SPE?

Thanks for your time!


A couple more things on the Column Panel that would be nice. It would be nice to be able to drag (or copy) the column name to the SQL Editor (like you can from the grid).

Also, to be able to move groups of columns up or down in the list (instead of just one at a time).



The drag and drop is nice, but I still have a need to just copy the column name. I do my development in an external editor (Edit+), and I need to ability to copy the column names from SQL Nav, and paste in my editor. Can we still have the abillity to copy the heading from the grid? Or from the Column Panel?



Yes, I think we should add the Copy option to the Columns panel. But I’m just curious: why do you use an external editor? What features are we missing in UE? There are plenty of advantages, such as Code Completion, code collapsing/Outline, auto capitalize, etc. We actually meant UE to be THE editor for PL/SQL developers. Did we miss the point?



I really like the idea of a single editor in SQL Nav. Are the plans to get rid of the old SQL Editor? I don’t know why you would want both. I’m still in the habit of press ctrl-M for a new window and the old editor pops up.

Can you open a file from the command line? Like SQLNav6.exe myFile.sql. We use a tool called MKS for our Source control. From within the tool, I highlight the file I want to edit and press enter to open it in my editor. Is that possible with SQL Nav?

I’m anxious for the next beta version. I am using UE whenever I can, but stuff like the whitespace, reformat, no shortcut keys, etc. are kind of annoying so I flip over to the old SQL Editor to still do a lot of stuff.

To answer your question, definitely yes, I would like to use one editor for all my PL/SQL development. Currently, I do an awful lot of copy/pasting from my editor to SQL Nav.



Yes, we plan to eventually get rid of the old SQL Editor and Stored Program Editor. To do this, we must be sure that nothing has been missed; this is one of the main reasons to run Beta. I suppose, both Ctrl+N and Ctrl+M should open a new tab (and UE, if there isn’t any). Also, Open File from the main menu will open the file in UE. Finally, yes, the file specified in the command line will open in UE (currently in SQL Editor). I too see no reason to keep the old editors.

Can I ask you to provide a list of all things that you miss in UE and that force you to go to the old editor (or external editor )? We’d really appreciate this.



I don’t think both ctrl-N and ctrl-M to open the same thing. I think ctrl-N (for New) is more like the standard convention in most tools. Ctrl-M can be used as a shortcut to some other new functionality.

I created a new thread listing some of the features I like in my external editor. (I keep getting lost trying to find threads when it strays off the Subject .)