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UE connections


Couple things:

  1. I can’t open more than one UE for the same connection. I know there are multiple tabs in the UE, but I would like to separate my “projects” with each UE, each having their own tabs.

  2. If I have two connections open (it opens 2 UE’s), I can’t change the connection on a tab to the other connection (like we used to be able to do). If you have a query, and you want to see if it has the same results in the other instance, you used to just change the instance in the drop down and run it again.




We found that the session assigning/switching paradigm that existed in UE before Beta 4 caused a lot of difficulties. It just didn’t fit into the whole architecture of Nav, so we decided to rework it.

  1. Yes, now there is only one UE per session, just like DB Navigator, and therefore all tabs in each UE window are attached to the same session. It’s easy to distinguish UE windows on the Task Bar and easy to switch among them. With the ‘project’ based approach you suggested, how would you identify UE windows? Prompt the user for a ‘name’ each time they open a new UE? Doesn’t sound right to me.

The next iteration of Beta will bring a concept of ‘secondary tabs’, or ‘sub-tabs’. This means that logically related documents (e.g. scripts and their query results, stored objects and their DDL or execution stubs, etc.) will have only one main tab at the top, and smaller tabs at the bottom to switch within the group. I think this will not only reduce the number of tabs to choose from, but may help avoid the need to have multiple UEs in one session.

  1. We expected and took care of this by providing a new option under the File submenu of the right-click menu, Copy to Session. This isn’t as easy as switching current session, but seems to be a reasonable compromise between convenience and simplicity.


  1. I look forward to the next beta. The sub-tabs may help me out.
  2. Not quite as easy, but it seems to get the job done.



Roman, as I said a long time ago, subtabs is what I need. For example when U open package , there could be subtabs for body and spec or ,as you said , groups of tabs for ddls, free sqls, editors and so on…
Good idea!


Hi Piter,

We’ll create sub-tabs in the following cases:

  1. when a script is run which contains queries - this creates Result sub-tabs
  2. when Generate DDL is executed - this creates a DDL sub-tab
  3. when Generate Execution Stub is executed - this creates a Stub sub-tab
  4. when a cell in the data grid is double-clicked - this creates a viewer/editor sub-tab

I prefer not to have sub-tabs for packages (Spec/Body). The reason is that spec and body are separate objects, and e.g. you may run Generate DDL for any of them. In that case, do we need to create sub-sub-tabs? We already have the toolbar buttons for easy navigating between spec and body, why have the sub-tabs for the same purpose?

The above functionality has already been implemented. Just wait for the next beta.



Ok, will see how it works!