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UE copy error msg


In UE, when there is an error displayed in the Errors pane, there is no way to copy the error message. Maybe a right-click option can be added here?

Also, in the old editor, if you double-clicked on the oracle error number, it would pop up a dialog box with a detailed description of the error. How do we do that now?



Hi Charlie,

I raised a CR for your first point some time back…
I will add your second point to the same CR (don’t know why I didn’t think of it at the time ).

  • Jaime -


Sorry, I’m kind of losing track of what’s been found and what hasn’t.



No need to apologize. it wasn’t mentioned in the community.
Besides, I couldn’t find my original CR, so I’ve created a new one under your name

  • Jaime -


The first point is valid. As to the second point, this is done by simply pointing the mouse cursor at the error message - this will pop up a hint window with the error description, actions etc. If you don’t see the hint window, the error description is not present in the Oracle documentation.



I’m following this up Charlie…
I too am not getting access to the Oracle error message from the ‘Errors’ window in the UE.

  • Jaime -


CR raised to have the double click on the oracle error in the ‘Errors’ window of the UE, be that same as the double click of the oracle error in the ‘Output’ window.
This will also be extended to launch the Knowledge Expert help when appropriate.
Thanks Charlie

  • Jaime -