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UE dot lookup


I know there are probably several CR’s on the dot lookup, but there’s one more thing I’ve noticed.

Pressing a period on an alias name, after a delay, the list of columns will appear. And if you press a period and keep typing, nothing happens - which is good, the way it should be. But, if you type a period and then use your arrow keys to move to a different line or whatever, after a delay, SQL Nav still goes out to get the list of columns. I think if you press any key (except ctrl-space), it should not go to get the list of columns.

Kind of hard to explain. Let me know if I need to clarify.


What you say makes perfect sense Charlie…
I’ll talk to the others about it.
I know Roman has done more work on the dot lookup… so I’ll see how it behaves in our next testing build.

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