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UE Expand data grid


There is a toolbar button above the grid, named Expand Data Grid. And after it is expanded, it is named “Shrink Data Grid”. There used to be one on the SQL side, now it’s gone.

I see there are now the symbols ^ - v in the middle to accomplish the same thing. You may want to add tool-tips to these.

You also may either remove the button on the Grid side, or add it back to the SQL side so it is uniform.



To be honest, I hate this button myself. We added it because we thought some users will desparately need it because won’t be able to find or won’t like the small icons on the splitter. I’m actually proud of this new splitter component that was partly developed by me.

A button to expand the editor could be added easily, but where? Is the main UE toolbar the logical place for it?

I’ll think about adding tooltips to the splitter icons, although it’s not straightforward to implement.



I like (and I will use) the small splitter icons, but for a new user, they may not even know it’s available. They almost blend in too much. Maybe make them more like a small button? Like put a box around each? I really don’t like the box idea but I’m just trying to find a way to make them a little more noticable.

Suggestion for an enhancement. I like how the dash “-” will reset the spit to the middle. Maybe add something like an “O” button to reset the split to where it was. Like if someone wants the split to be higher than the middle, so they can see more of the grid. They want it here all the time. Then, they want to se the whole grid, they would click on “^” to do this. That’s great. Now they want the split back to where they had it. They would have to center it first, “-”, then drag it back up. This is probably more practical on the split from the Column listing. Where it defaults to is a good location. But if you use the “>” to view the grid all the way across, there is no way to get it back to where it was without dragging it.

Kind of hard to explain in a message. I hope it makes sense.


Hi Carlie,

Did you know that after you click eg. ‘>’ you can return the splitter to the original position by simply clicking ‘<’ ? Is it what you’re asking for? Unfortunately, there’s no way to quickly move it back after you use ‘-’ or ‘|’ to split equally.

Charlie, did you see my last post under the thread ‘UE Column sort’ asking for some general feedback about UE? We’d really appreciate your giving such feedback.



Ah, that is perfect. That is what I was wanting to do. Thanks.

Yes, I will reply with the general feedback.