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UE Find/Replace


It looks like the Find/Replace works from the Panel on the right, but it does not work if you just use ctrl-F or ctrl-H dialog box.

Also, is there a way to make “Replace All” really replace all? It only replaces from the current cursor position down (or up). It doesn’t really replace all. That’s more like “Replace the rest”.



Yes, there definitely seems to be some issues with the Find/Replace functionality.
I’ll log a CR for this now Charlie.



Alternatively, we could prompt after reaching the end if the user wants to replace also all the occurences above the cursor…



I don’t know what the status of this is, but when I launch the “Find and Replace” popup using ctl-f, then change applicaitons it goes with me, in fact I am looking at it right now. I agree it should stay on top of navigator, but should stay with navigator, it should be on top of navigator but below anything on top of navigator.


Very strange. I’ve just checked, and this doesn’t happen to me. I also checked the code, and it should always normalize stay-on-top windows when Nav loses focus. I’m lost. What version of Windows are you using?



Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Services Pack 2. This does not always happen, I have gotten it to come up over excel and IE 7. The change to window must be “not minimized”, click on it in the start taskbar to change. It does not do it all the time. Attached is a print screen.


We managed to reproduce it now. It will be fixed in future release.


Ok, Now when you do a find, let’s say you find what you were looking for, if you click in the editor, the Find Popup box goes away, then if you do CTL-F again it comes back blank and you have to re enter your search criteria. I checked it in 5.x and the Find box stays up, but when up it does not travel to other appications…

I guess I want my cake and eat it too…


The problem with Find&Replace stay on top hasn’t been fixed but I couldnt reproduce what you reported. When I click on the editor, the pop up box doesn;t go away. It still stays on top but the focus is on the editor.



I just tried it out, and I get the same result as Gwen.
The F&R dialogue loses focus, but stays in view and it’s seach content is maintained.

  • Jaime -


It is working fine for me this morning as well, Sorry about that.