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UE grid suggestion


If your query is run in “Updateable” mode, maybe the column headers can be in a different color, like Red. Or even change the color of the data or something. Right now, there only indication that the query you ran is updateable is that the + and - are enabled. I think something a little less subtle would be helplful. Just so you know that you are in updateable mode. Maybe it can be set in preferences so if you don’t want the color to change (or whatever) you can keep it like it is.

I do like the fact that the line changes color after you edit something on the record .

Small problem, if you change something, then press Commit, then try to re-query it, it pops up a message saying you have pending changes . So you can’t make and save any changes using UE.



There is also a status message saying that you can press F2 or click to edit data. Plus, the Updateable button appears depressed when On. Still not enough? Well, we’ll have to think how to do it even more clear. I personally don’t like the idea of making column headers red.

I’ll have a look at the second issue. I’ve never seen it before. Are you getting any error messages when you commit? Are you editing any special data types, like LOBs?



That message only shows up once you click in the grid. Personally, I would like it a little more obvious, but since the entire row is highlighted once it is changed, maybe that will help.

For the second issue, I don’t get an error message, and I’m not editing anything special - just a text field or a number field. These are the steps (I’m not as fancy as Piter with the full motion screen shots ).

  1. Run “Select * from MyTable” in Updateable mode.
  2. Go to the grid and press F2 on a Text field, type an X, and press Enter. The row will turn Bold and Blue.
  3. Click on the Commit button in the tool bar. “Transaction Commited” will appear in the Output window.
  4. Click back in the SQL window and press F9 to re-run the query. A message pops up asking if you want to abandon changes. I have attached a screenshot of this example.

I can’t commit any change made through UE using the “Updateable” button.



I think I understand. You press Commit when there’s nothing to commit yet. This button works only if you manually execute some Inserts, Updates or Deletes. If you make changes through the grid, you should press Apply Changes on the grid’s toolbar instead. This will issue any Inserts, Updates and/or Deletes to reflect your changes, and will commit them silently. You can also Preview Changes (from right-click menu) - this will show you a script with those Inserts, Updates or Deletes, which you can review and execute. Finally, you can Cancel Changes, all at once. And notice, you no longer get the annoying prompt to save your changes when you leave a row.



I’m not sure where the “Apply Changes” button is? I do have a “Save to Database” button that is grayed-out. To me, this does not seem very intuitive.
Intuitively, I would think the “Commit” button would commit the changes.
Can you not do the same thing when Commit is pressed?

If not, maybe when that message pops up, add the ability to [Apply and Save]?



Did you see the toolbar at the top of the grid? There are such buttons as Fetch More, Fetch All, Add Row, etc. Apply Changes is also there - it looks like a big tick. I’m surprised you didn’t notice it. I thought this toolbar is the best place for it - because the grid is the place where you make changes. The main window’s toolbar is more for ‘global’ actions, such as Commit (the current session). The difference between Apply and Commit is due to the fact that UE doesn’t actually perform any updates on the server, until you Apply them (which also Commits). Data editing is completely client-side. So, I thought using the term ‘Commit’ would be misleading for an Oracle specialist, since Commit means ‘complete the transaction’. There are no transactions when you are editing data on the client side. To some extent, I consider the Commit and Rollback buttons obsolete; you should use them only if you do INSERTs, UPDATEs or DELETEs manually, or if you explicitly start a transaction.

BTW Save to Database on the Editor toolbar is for saving the changes you made to a database object (e.g. package) in the Editor (of course).

I hope you agree with my way of thinking


Hi Charlie,

We had a discussion with Bruce and decided the following in relation to the Commit button (on the main toolbar). It will cause all the windows attached to the current session, including UE, to post any pending changes (i.e. Apply in case of UE), and then commit them. Apply button will do the same as what it does now, i.e. will post only changes made in the current grid. Note that the benefit of Apply/Cancel is that you can post changes in one grid and cancel them in another (attached to the same session), whereas Commit/Rollback always affects the entire session.

How does this sound?


Got it. I was looking at the toobar on the Editor section, not the Grid section. I guess I should have read your message . That is the right plavce for it. Can you make that button more of a Bold Green Check, kind of like the check on the Commit button?

Yes, I like the idea you came up with for the Commit button. I like how the Apply changes works too (just applying the grid changes).



Thank God you found it!
We’ll raise a CR to make it more prominent.

It’s good you start liking it. I’m sure you will find many, many more things to like in UE.