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UE - List index out of bounds - error



When you open two or more packages, sometimes “listi index out of bounds” occurs after close UE, maybe its because “SQL1” tab dissapears while opening packages.

Watch attachement

Regards Piter. (320 KB)


Hi Piter,

Your video clip for this thread really emphasizes the delay you have in opening the packages!! We’ve got to figure out what is causing this!! It must be somehow environmental??

I have been trying profusely to get the ‘list index out of bounds’ error that you have here, but alas, I cannot. All works as it should.
I reckon that this is somehow related (environmentally??) with your slow opening package issue (just a feeling I have).

Is any one else out there experiencing slow opening package bodies??

  • Jaime -


ME!! :wink:


Cheeky boy!!


Hey Piter,
Do you still have the ‘slow opening packages’ issue??

We did identify a problem related to opening packages on a 10g database using a 9i client. This was causing packages to open very slowly. This was resolved in build 817.
Have you noticed any difference ??

  • Jaime -


Hi Jaime,
Opening packages speeds up for me few builds before, so i do not have problems with that. I was using 10g client, i think that it was some national settings problems, but now it working fine :wink:


This is good news…
Thanks for the update!!

  • Jaime -