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UE once again ;)


Some new things from me ;).

  1. DbExplorer doesn’t show invalid objects.

  2. Tables could have expanding nodes for cols and other options, like in old DBNavigator ;).

  3. Root nodes could be added like in Old DBNav. :wink:

  4. Tables subGroup, good thing, but the new group for External, IOT Tables would be helpful.

  5. Procedures/Packages editor. It would be nice to have procedure name positioning while typing letters (outline), something like in old editor.

  6. It would be helpful to have posibility to sort names of procedures in package, it will speed up searching specified procedure in list. Natural sort (like in package) is not so important for programers

  7. Views editor could be like in old editor.

  8. Windows (tabs and menu) could be exchanged. For example I prefer menu at the left side of window.

  9. Tabs colud be closed by dblClicking, new tab using shortcut. New tab open clicking last tab in window - I don’t think that its fastest methd to do that, and you have open_tabs+1 opened in editor… Sometimes, happends accidentally click of last tab…

  10. Ctrl+tab could be remapped to change active tab, ctrl+shift+tab (for example) to change active window …

  11. I miss Clone button :wink:

Regards Piter.


By the way , great option, expanding database by dblink!

  1. True, this should be done.
  2. Actually, this is intentional. Describe option gives you a list of columns with their types, whyduplicate it? Other options - like dependencies? I thought Dependencies pane gives what’s needed (only for stored objects though). Privileges? Maybe… DB Explorer was designed as a Developer tool to be used inside UE and not a replacement for DB Navigator, so most of DBA functionality is missing. But please specify what functionality (e.g. what nodetypes) you definitely need in DB Explorer.
  3. See 2.
  4. Yes, will be done. Also Object Tables, Nested Tables…
  5. Could you explain in detail what you mean?
  6. How about sorting names in the Entry dropdown? I really hate the idea of sorting the Outline.
    7.You can still use the old View Editor (via View|Visual Object Editorsubmenu). UE is more for ad-hoc editing of views, triggers.
  7. You mean, provide an option to move toolbars around the window? This definitely can be done.
    9.Close by dbl-clicking? That’s unusual… Creating new tab by clickingthe last tab - this idea was taken from IE 7. You don’t have to use it, there’s a ‘New tab’ button on the toolbar.
  8. Unfortunately, both Ctrl+Tab and Shift+Ctrl+Tab are reserved by Windows MDI to switch active window. We need to invent another shortcut to change tab.
  9. There is Save to Database As option in the Object submenu of the right-click menu (Shift+Ctrl+Alt+S). We can place it on the toolbar too.



I’m glad you liked it. Do you like the way synonyms are treated in UE?



BTW speaking of 8), even now you can drag the toolbar and dock it e.g. to the left edge of the window. The only problem is it doesn’t remember its position when you reopen UE. This can’t be done easily because you may have several instances of UE, and each can have the toolbar at a different place.


Hi Roman!
Sorry for slow reply, i had lot of work here ;).
2. I wish to have all dbNaw included in DBExplorer :wink: - in that situation, programers could work on one maximized UE editor with all inclueded. Jumping from dbExplorer to Dbnav, searching specified functionality is not e good thing, user should select for example table and see all availabe options…
5. SImple cursor focusing while typing first letters of procedure name, like in listbox, cursor focusing on matching name. Now you must manually find procedure in outline, then dbl-click . What if you have very large package body with many functions/procedures, searching of then could be problematic. In 6-th point i wrote about ordering list of procedures in body, this is the same reason as in point 5. Searching/locating specified procedure in body should be as fast for programmer as possible.
7.I think that dblclick should open full edit form for clicked object, i don’t thing that 2 editors (ad hoc/full editor) for one object are nesesary, this should be simple, dblclick=Edit Object. Something like that we have in table editor.
8.Toolbars i know, but what with all “outlookBar” with dbExplorer,Outline etc. i want it at the right side :wink:
9.Roman, who is using IE !? :wink: Last tab could stay, but why do you thin dbl-clickin is unusual? Faster managing with tabs, user don’t need to activate tab before close. I’m using Maxton browser and this functionality with tabs is very useful for me.

What about DBNav, vehen you click edit package there could be messageBox - Open in Old or new Editor, with save into preferences option ;).

Regards Piter


Hi Piter,

  1. Why not use Describe to get the list of columns, instead of drilling down? It’s the same number of clicks, and you get more information. I’ll try to put as many DB Nav nodes into DB Explorer as I can. The ‘root’ nodes (Session Privileges etc.), due to a different design of the new tree (schemas right under a connection), will probably go under a new second-level node, something like ‘Database Administration’.
  2. I’m still reluctant to change anything in the Outline (e.g. order). I suggest instead to use the Entry combo (next to the Open Body button on the toolbar) for searching. I’ve already made it sorted by procedure/function name. Now I will enable the edit box so you can enter first letters of the needed procedure, and it will automatically become current (once a match is found). I see it a much better way to search for a procedure, since Outline displays information of other various kinds.
  3. The problem is that View Editor and Trigger Editor are based on the old text editor component, which may be inconsistent with the new editor. So I would consider instead extending View/Trigger editing capabilities of UE and getting rid of View and Trigger Editors.
  4. You mean, on the left side? I can easily add an option to swap editor and the navigation bar. But bear in mind that the editor will move left and right when you show/hide the navigation bar, which may not be pleasant.
  5. You don’t have to make a tab current before closing it, you can just right-click the tab and select Close (the only option).

As we plan to eventually get rid of the old editors, I don’t think a prompt to open in new editor is a good idea.



Hi Roman,

  1. Hmmm , yes you are right, but drill down colls are in the same place as tables, when i use tables tree to work, and want to know what cols are inside, i must locate once again this table in describe window. Maybe it would be good to locate currently selected table ( DBExplorer) in describe window, when user clicks Describe? The same thing for indexes, when I write some sqls and want to know what indexes are on table and on which cols, In DBNav I was using drill down option.
    One more thing, when you are using describe, you can see cols for one table at the moment, drilled cols can stay visible for multiple object, for example to compare cols ;).
    By the way Dependencies object could work in the same way, when I select table in dbExp,and then dependencies, there sould be dependencies for selected table.
    5.Yes it could be done by this combo, will see how it works. Maybe its my habit to old editor :wink:
  2. SOunds good :wink:
  3. yes do that!
  4. ok leave it.

One more thing i’ve observed, when you save changes with body to DB, and reload , body looks like not reloaded, because reload dialog is showed on click on tab with this body, watch attachement. (276 KB)


Hi Piter,

I’ve already fixed this problem with reloading objects.

I’ll try to improve the describe functionality, perhaps by adding the Auto-Describe option (similar to DB Nav’s). It is not too hard to add Columns and Dependencies subnodes too. I just have so many CRs on my plate right now… We are going to review and prioritise them today. What priority would you assign to this?



Hi Roman!
I know how programer works, do what you must to do at first, i know that there are more important changes and fixes.
In my opinion very important are shortcuts (speed of work) and all of things important to proper work with sqlcode (this package reloading for example), database viewing like dependancies, these cols and other we can do using standard DBNav. Ah remember about custom syntax colors…
Good work Roman, i’m sure UE will catch many new users for SqlNav!!!