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In the panel on the right (is there a name for this section?), it would be nice to have a directory listing. Kind of like Open File, but the directory listing is there in a panel. Then have it so all you have to do is double-click on a file name to load it.

Then, what would be slick, is if you have files open from different directories, the directory listing would change with whichever file (tab) you have open.

Attached is what it looks like with EditPlus.




Charlie, what means: “RXL_IDR_ITEMP_IMPORT_PKG” typed as hint?


That isn’t really a hint, it’s more like a comment. We do that on all our SQL statements - it is the package name where the SQL resides. This way, if there is ever a process that is dragging down the entire system, if they run a trace and find a slow-running query, by this comment, they can see which package/process is causing it.

We have hundreds of custom packages in our system - thousands of SQL statements. It just helps us track down the offender.



Clever :wink:
When we write sqls inside packages, usually with specified hints for access path indexes and so on, this operation provide correct access path, even if stats are changed or something with database parameters.
I was asking because “–+” is a sign for oracle optimiser :wink:


Yes, I’m familiar with this feature. In fact, I’m using EditPlus myself . To be honest, I think this directory browsing facility is a little awkward to use. You need to do too many double-clicks if you want to get anywhere. What if we provide just another tree view, in addition to DB Explorer, say, File System Explorer, very similar to Windows Explorer? It would make UE look even more solid and consistent .


PS We call this panel ‘Navigation Bar’ because of the name of the underlying component. Can you suggest a better name?


You can still use the optimizer hints. For example:

SELECT --+ INDEX(a ar_payment_schedules_n5)
NVL(SUM(amount_due_remaining), 0)
FROM ar_payment_schedules a
WHERE customer_site_use_id = pc_invoice_to_org_id
AND invoice_currency_code = pc_currency_code
AND NVL(receipt_confirmed_flag, ‘Y’) = ‘Y’;


Yes, I think a Windows Explorer-like tree in the DB Browser would work fine (I think it may be better). One of the things I don’t like about the E+ version, is that you can’t see the last update date. When you have a lot of similar-named files, sometimes you want to get the last one updated.

I had a little trouble getting used to the directory explorer in EditPlus, but I have gotten used to it (I guess). Not that I like it, but I use it. It’s better than flipping back and forth to Win Explorer.


PS - To me, Navigation Bar is mis-leaing. You aren’t really navigating anywhere. There are just panels of differnt information. I kind of like the word “panel” for this. Column panel, Outline panel, Describe panel, etc.


OK, I take this as an approval to add File System Explorer .

So, ‘Nav Bar’ is not good… Maybe something like ‘Tools Pane’ would be better?





I like “Tools Pane”. (As long as it’s not “Tools Pain” )