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UE Right-click submenu


In the SQL section, if you pull up the right-click menu, the item New and the item Execute do not show their sub-menus when they are highlighted (even though it shows a submenu arrow. You have to actually click on the arrow to show the submenu. The other menu options appear to work.



Thanks Charlie…
I’ve raised a CR for this.



This works by design. The difference between those items is that you can actually click New without invoking the submenu, and it will create a new (empty) tab. The same for the Execute item: you can display a submenu (by clicking the arraw), or you can just click it to perform the default action (e.g. execute the entire script). This is similar to some buttons on MS Word’s toolbars (e.g. Highlight). So, I would not be so eager to raise a CR on this. And it’s definitely not a bug.


PS. BTW you can change your UI style in Preferences, say, to XP or Office and will see that those items (New, Execute and several others) even look slightly different to others, and the dropdown arrow isn’t highlighted when you select such item.

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CR is already raised (earlier this morning)…
We can discuss it in CCB…
Thanks for the explanation Roman, but I have never seen this functionality in a context menu before.
I am of the view that users will expect the standard follow-on / sub-menu functionality (i.e. not an extra button to click to launch the sub-menu).



OK, I take my words back. This behavior applies to toolbars, not menus. So I reworked the menu and now all the submenus pop up automatically and they have no ‘default action’.