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UE - Save File icon disabling


Small thing…

When you run sql, Save File icon became inactive, than you myst change something in sql to enable icon (ctrl+s not working too). Should it be like that?

Regards Piter

Ps. Oliver has first tooth!



No, it should not be like that Piter!
I’ll raise a CR for it.
There is still a lot of small issues like this, we have identified a lot of them, but missed this one!!.
Thanks for your help…

Oliver has a tooth already!! That seems very quick…
He’ll be starting PL/SQL development any day now!!

  • Jaime -


On closer examination,
this appears to be fixed in the latest (beta) build that I am using.
We should be releasing a new beta build later this week (if all goes well).

  • Jaime -


Jaime, i think, he will be a racing driver!