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UE - Sqlnav freezes after focusing subpartitioned table



I noticed, that when you click on subpartitioned table, sqlnav freezes for few minutes. After clicking table you are executing three selects (nav.log), which are fast, but sqlnav waits for something, you must check.

Try following:

Create table from attachement, and then cclick on it, watch what happend.

I attached my test, i clicked on three tables , when the last one is subpartitioned (watch clip from attachement), and then watch execution times in my nav.log.

Do you must execute enything trigered by selecting table? Sometimes users simply runs via objects using arrows… I remember, in sqlnav 5.0 clicking on objects was very slow, sqlnav was executing some sqls on each selected object.

All files are in zip file.

Check this :wink:

Regards Piter. (65.9 KB)


Well the good news is, the UE is no worse than the old editor!! But the old editor is sooo slow with your table.
The bad news is, the UE won’t even run your script (Statement is too large - error received).

We certainly need to do some work here (on several levels)!!
Thanks Piter.

  • Jaime -


I’ve recreated the table using SQL Editor (the 1000 lines limitation is there for performance reasons and will be increased) and see no delay when I focus it in DB Explorer. I’ll investigate the issue further…



It takes me between four and five minutes to populate the table editor (see attachment). It’s the same time whether I launch from the DB Explorer or the DB Navigator.

  • Jaime -


I thought Piter was talking about focusing the node in DB Explorer, not about opening in Table Editor (which is a separate issue from UE).



Sorry Roman,
After reviewing Piter’s .avi file, you are correct!
I too get no delay, when simply focusing on the tree.

Perhaps this also has something to do with Piter’s slow opening packages etc.
Something very od in his environment??

  • Jaime -


So, tell me what should I check, there delays are nervy :wink:


Well you are experiencing the same delay on all your databases, so can we assume that it is client related?

I tend to get some (intermittent) delays when using an 8i Oracle client.
But I have experienced no delays with any other clients.
Something tells me that you are not using an 8i client?

Roman… do you have any clues??

  • Jaime -


Hi Jaime,
I’ve client, and i was connecting to and databases on HP-UX,MS WIN2003, my XP, and in all were delays.
If I will have some time , i will do some tests… I tried to change my system date displaying format, but wihout revelation, delays exists. Maybe its something about my database NLS parameters, i do not know… Have you any ideas?


I have just one suggestion. Could you Piter go to your Preferences (General > Session) and check your Optimizer Goal. If it’s anything different from Default, try setting it to Default. Let us know how you go.



I had “ALL_ROWS” as default for 10g, after change to DEFAULT - no change with delays :(.
I thnk tha it could be “dependands”, after opening package body (with delay), when i click on dependands tab, list is displayed without delay. I remember, you ware talking that, you must run dependand query after clicking on dependats tab, not on loading body. It looks like this query runs while loading body.



We are discussing here the delays when focusing a subpartitioned table, not when loading a package body. Did the change of Optimizer Goal affect those? Could you try other optimizer options, e.g. Rule?



I had delays with all konds of optimizer golal. Yesterday I reinstalled SQLNAV from full installer (not incremental like my first install of beta4), and…
There is NO delays when focusing subpart tables! I don’t know what happend, leave that maybe it was only on my pc.
But delays while opening package body are still availalble ;).


Glad to hear that this one is sorted… now we have to sort:

  • Jaime -