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UE tab open file


Two things:

  1. When you open a file (clicking on the Open File icon right above the SQL window), it always opens up a new tab. I liked it better when it just opened in the currently selected tab. I may open a file, run it to get the result, then need to open another file to run, then another. These are all just one-time runs, they don’t need to be on separate tabs. I already have enough tabs open with what I’m working on. If I need it in a new tab, I will open a new tab and then open a file.

  2. If you click on the File menu (very top of screen), then Open File, it opens the file in the old SQL Editor (even though I am sitting in UE).



Hi Charlie,

I’ve raised a CR for your second point.

I’ll let Roman respond to the first point…
It may be worth having a preference setting in this behaviour.
I can see that there may be users that would like opened files to go to a new tab. It’s probably a 50:50 situation.



It’s ironic that today I received a ‘complaint’ from another user (our PM actually) who thought that to open a file on a new tab, you have to press (New Tab) first, and therefore, to open multiple files on separate tabs, you have to do it for every file. I explained that files are always opened on new tabs and never ‘closed’ until you close the tabs, so this (New Tab) action was unnecessary. Now I hear a directly opposite complaint. It looks like we need a new preference here…


PS There’s no harm in having multiple tabs, UE handles very well even a large number of them. And with More Tabs feature, you can easily find the tab you need. Are you sure you want to keep the old behavior?


I can see it both ways. A preference setting would be nice. I usually work with a bunch of tabs at the same time. So many that sometimes I get lost flipping back and forth. Like I was saying in the first message, some times I open a file to run one thing, then open another just to run one thing, then again. But that’s all I need to do with those scrips, run once. I’d like to do all this in one window, without opening a new tab every time. I need to keep my tabs down a minimum so I can stay organized. That is also why I think being able to “move” tabs around would be helpful. I can keep my like tasks together.

This is the reason I like the tab preview hover (as I mentioned in another post). This will help me flip back and forth to what I need to without having to view each tab.


PS - Yes, I’m sure SQL Nav can handle a large number of tabs open, the problem is that I can’t .


BTW did you notice the Back/Forward buttons on the editor toolbar? They may help you flip back and forth among multiple tabs. They also work when you use hyperlinking and Go to Definition from the right-click menu.

Still, I think an option to reorganize tabs would be useful. We’ll raise a CR for this.