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UE tab suggestion


With the multiple tabs across the top of the UE for each of the SQL scipts, why not put a new UE tab at the bottom for each DB connection (where the old SQL tabs were)? Instead of just the single UE tab.

So you may be connected to Dev, Text, and Production at the same time, and in each session you may have 5-10 SQL Edits going, it would be nice to have them all separated by tabs at the bottom. Then maybe on the bottom tab, instead of just showing “Unified Editor”, put something like UE@Dev, UE@Test, UE@Prod or just the instance name. Then it would be easy to swithch back and forth and not get mixed up.

Just a suggestion.


Sorry Charlie, this isn’t going to work. By design, each tab can have a separate connection, and can switch to another one at any time. Your suggestion would mean that we have to move the tab from one window to another when you switch the current tab’s session, which is very hard to implement and is very unusual.

An alternative solution would be to enhance the More Tabs button (have you seen it?) so that tabs are/can be grouped by session, but this would add another level to the dropdown menu that this button activates. What do you think?



I don’t think changing the More Tabs button would be very useful. At least for me, I think using menus take too long, epecially if you need to flip back and forth.

How about this, can you put the currently connected instance in the Tab itself? Instead of just SQL1, SQL2, etc., put SQL1@test, SQL2@prod, SQL3@dev, etc.



I don’t think it’s a good idea. How about distinguishing connections to the same database with different user name? Moreover, instance (and user) names may be quite long, so tabs will become very wide - and useless!

Did you notice the text preview hint when you hover the mouse at menu items under the More Tabs button? If this is not enough, maybe we should add the connection information to the top of those hints?



Yes, the hover over the SQL Tabs list under the More Tabs button showing a preview of the SQL in that tab is very nice (and useful).

And Yes, I think adding the connection information to the top of the hint would be good.

Why does it have to go down an extra menu? You click on More Tabs and then you have to click on SQL before you see all the tabs. Why the extra click?

Is there any way to change the order of the tabs? I think it would be nice to be able to drag a tab to a new position. That way, you can keep similar activities together.



Apparently, you’ve never opened any stored objects in UE. When you open lots of them and click More Tabs, you will see, apart from SQL, such submenus as Procedures, Functions, Packages, Package Bodies, etc. So when you use UE and not an external editor for development, this extra level is fully justified

No, currently there is no way to reorder tabs. I consider this an enhancement request.

I’ve already added the connection info to the preview hint, so you will see it in the next iteration.




I’ve raise a CR for the re-ordering of the tabs (I too think this is a good enhancement).



Ah, you caught me . I have only been using it for SQL at the moment. After the next beta is out, I will start to use it for my other development.