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UE updatable option



execute folowing sqls with updatable option checked.

select data
from (select sysdate data from dual);


select sysdate data from dual

These sqls raises errors. Old editor execute sqls, corectly.
The other thing is that, sqlnav shouldn’t allow user to update dual.


There are lots of limitations when you run in Updateable mode, e.g. you can’t have any expressions or joins. The old editor first tried to run in Updateable mode, and if unsuccessful, just ran the unchanged query. So you should see the message ‘not Updateable’ in the status pane. I guess, UE should do the same thing or similar. At least, the message should be more clear. The good thing, in my opinion, is that UE doesn’t ‘remember’ Updateable mode, so you must explicitly switch it on if you want to edit data. And you wouldn’t expect to succeed when trying to update ‘dual’, or a query with expressions, would you?



As you said , Query shoud run, but wih information “not updatable” but watch attachement there is example in new and old editor.
Old editor works fine, but in single select message updatable is showed but data can’t be modified. (591 KB)


I will make sure UE works like the old editor, i.e. will drop the Updateable mode when the query cannot be made updateable. A proper message will be shown.