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Unable to Capture using Oracle Trace Method


Help - When attempting to capture oracle database sessions using the load scenario wizard we are unable to select the oracle trace files method as it is greyed out for some reason. We are able to capture traces via the FGAC. BMF v.7

Thanks a lot


The Trace File method of capturing an Oracle workload will be grayed out if connected to a RAC system since the capture wizard doesn’t work against a RAC system. Also disabled will Statspack report generation.


I dont recall seeing this in the documentation for BMF anywhere. I have opened a ticket with Dell over this issue also and they have not mentioned this fact. Disappointing.


It should have been listed in the release notes - where there are several capture/replay notes. This was clearly an oversight.


A request has been made to add this to the release notes and the help file and should be in the next release. I apologize for confusion.