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Unable to import files from MS-DOS

Hi All,

We are trying to import the test definition from one database instance to another, through command line executable QctoCmd.exe the command is

qctocmd.exe /User=/Password=/Database=*** /Programs=XX_TEST_IMPORT_PKG /i=“D:\Tevez\SoftwareEngineering\QuestCodeTester\Import Import\Q##APPS.XX_TEST_IMPORT_PKG” /Merge=A.

We are getting the below error message

Quest Code Tester for Oracle command line utility. Version

Connection to database is not established. Exit code -2011.

is the above command to import xml files from one databse instance to another instance is correct?Please advice.



Hi Pavan,

I would recommend you 2 things:

  1. Check spelling of your User, Password and Database parameters.

  2. Try to add /DBHome=***** parameter to this command line.



Thanks Leok for your suggestion.

We added /DBHome=****** parameter in the command line but still the problem persist.

qctocmd.exe /User=/Password=/Database=*** /DBHome=********* /Programs=XX_TEST_IMPORT_PKG /i=“D:\Tevez\SoftwareEngineering\QuestCodeTester\Import Import\Q##APPS.XX_TEST_IMPORT_PKG” /Merge=A.

Error is begin diaplyed only when we are importing the files to a database.we are able to sucessfully export the test definition from the command line.