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Unable to open a saved model


I was working on a model, with TDM3. After having saved it I was unable to open it again: when I open the model, TDM3 sais “Last Designer of Model “” has just been closed. Do you want to close the model too?”

No matter if i click on Yes or No, the error “Error: access violation …” is showed.

Please find attached the model I’m not able to open (which was created and saved by TDM3).


Hello Arialdo,

Please find attached your model corrected.
(There was saved information on WorkSpaceShapeEntity that did not refer to an entity. Hard to say how this could happen. In any case, now it should work fine.)

Arialdo, is this the model with which you have problems during the alter scripts/model merge?
(I refer to thread at:


Vladka + TDM Team

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frustone_corrected.txp (55.6 KB)