Unable to view triggers (bug)

If you expand the entity node, then expand a table node, then expand the triggers node … you will see a list of triggers. If you double click on a trigger, the application locks up, requiring a forced killing of the process.

Hello Shannara,

I suppose you’re using TDM You are opening the trigger from Model Explorer. What database do you use?
We’ve verified it for several databases and it works fine for us.
How did you create the triggers? - From the Entity form on the WS or Model Explorer?
Do you have the trigger already open (another instance of the form)?
Is there any dialog/wizard already open and hidden? (Alt+Tab)

Unfortunately, we keep failing to simulate it. Please send us more details or best would be a sample model. Thanks a lot.
(You can send the model to: modeling@quest.com)


Vladka + TDM Team


We find occassionally TDM does not bring the dialog it has just opened to the front, so it hides behind TDM itself. Alt-Tab usually lets us find it.

Also we used 2 displays but they are configured 1 & 3 in wondows (how do IT decide these things?). TDM can put the dialog on display 2 (which IT use for remote login) so we don’t see the dialog.