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Uncomment missing and broken


Ok, in 5.5 I can highlight a section of code, right-click and comment/uncomment. Can’t do that in 6.0. Not only that, but if I go to the edit menu to try and uncomment, it only uncomments the end of the last line that I have highlighted.



The comment/uncomment can still be found if you expand Edit in the Right click menu. There are a couple of problems with commenting in the past but they’re fixed in the latest build (879). If you’re using this build and still have problem, please send me the screen shot of how the code looks like and how’s it highlighted.



Ah, there it is.

OK. You moved it. Not as convenient, but I guess I’ll get used to it.

Well, the confusion is that it works different than in 5.5 in that each line isn’t commented out, but the whole section. Probably better the new way.

One thing that isn’t better in the new version. You have to be very exact with where you start/stop your highlighting for uncomment. In 5.5 as long as there are only blanks between the start/end of the highlighting and the begin/end of the comment it will work.

I’m pretty sure it did this once upon a time in an older version, but you fixed this in a version somewhere along the line. :wink:

thanks for the explanation.




Just curious, are you guys going to make the uncomment like in 5.5 where you can have white space (in your highlighted section) before and after the comment and it will still uncomment?



I dont think we will do it for 6.0. Maybe 6.1. BTW, i tested with 5.5 and it doesnt work either. It does display a warning if you try to uncomment something that way.


5.5 does do it. It’s been doing it for years. You must be doing something different.



May I ask which 5.5 build you are using? This is a snapshot of how I highlighted the code and the error I got.


I’m using

Are you using the right-click? You’re right, it doesn’t work from the edit menu option, but it does from the right-click. That’s probably what happened, they took the code from the menu instead of the right-click. The good news is that they have already written the code before!



That Uncomment option is only available on right click menu if you’re in the SQL Editor. I have a chat with the team. It’s probably will be in 6.1.
Thanks a lot

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I hope also in the pl/sql editor since it is really annoying to have to get the cursor in exactly the right place when it’s pretty obvious what you want to uncomment.