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Understanding TPC-H


I am used to the TPC-C load, where you enter in the number of users, or increments. But in the TPC-H it just asks for Stream0 Users and Executions. By default, this is just one. If I want to run from 250 to 2000 in steps of 250 users, how do I do that? What does it mean by Users and Executions? And what does the checkbox mean for execute by time? this seems to be missing in the documentation. When I loaded the database, I entered in a scale factor of 200, not realizing that it goes from 100 to 300, so again, how do I test for 2000 users on a TPC-H test?


The TPC-H benchmark runs differently than the TPC-C benchmark, it is not designed to run at that high of a user load. The power test is designed to run with one user. There is also a throughput test that is not automatically generated that is designed to run with multiple users but the scale factor will need to be adjusted accordingly. For example 2 users (streams) run at a scale factor of 1, 3 at a scale factor of 10, 4 at a scale factor of 30. See the chart on page 105 of the TPC-H specification document for more information (
There is a script file that contains the user streams for the throughput test, but unfortunately the file is too large to attach to this post. You can get it by contacting Quest Support and Requesting the TPC-H Stream script.