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Undo Error In Procedure Editor.


Greetings all,

I’ve stumbled upon a problem using the Stored Procedure Properties window. I have a data model up with multiple stored procedures, and here is now I replicated the problem.

  1. Open Stored Procedure A in the Stored Procedure Editor.
  2. Change Argument List for Stored Procedure A.
  3. Click Apply to lock changes.
  4. Select Stored Procedure B in drop down list.
  5. Make change to Argument List on Stored Procedure B.
  6. Click Apply to lock changes.
  7. Hit CTRL + Z to undo changes to stored procedure B.

If you go back to Stored Procedure A, notice changes have been reverted as well.


Hello Dillie-O,

We’ve tested this issue, step by step, in current Beta Unfortunately, we were not successful.
Whenever we press CTRL + Z to undo changes, only changes in stored procedure B are reverted. Changes in stored procedure A remains untouched, which is correct behaviour.

Are you successful to reproduce the problem?


Vladka + TDM Team


Hmm, interesting. I was able to reproduce the problem, which is how I outlined the steps causing the error.

It may have been a typo, but I am currently using of the beta. You had mentioned

I’ll double check the issue when the next beta is released. I know I tend to have data models that “creep through” the beta cycle, so there may be something lingering because of that.


Sorry for the typo, the current Beta version is

We’re testing the problem also in the upcoming beta. So far, it’s been working fine.
Will keep verifying.