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Seems to me that undo undoes too often char by char

For example, if you type

In front of some code (commenting something out) and you do an undo, you have to do two undos.

I don’t think it used to do it this laboriously.


Hi Joe,

You are right, in 7.0 Undo undoes one character at a time. The reason is that we replaced the text editor component (DreamEditor with eControl) and it, being generally superior, has its own problems. Particularly, the group undo function caused the entire text entered after the previous undo to disappear. For that reason, we disabled the group undo for the time being. If a better solution is discovered, or the deficiency in eControl is fixed, we will certainly improve this part of Code Editor.



This is still very painful. Any chance of it getting fixed?


Hi Jet,

Roman is working on the fix, it will be in the next beta drop for you.



Hi Jet

Roman has made a fix and currently the undo and redo will work one word at a time, I just want to get your opinioin on this?

I had a look at this today and I personally prefer it. In 6.7 we undid one line at a time and I think this is too much sometimes.

I’m not sure that we can get it to work like 6.7 at this stage (where undo/redo works for one line at a time). We will do another drop of 7.0 soon and you will get to see the new implemtation and hopefully it is better for you.



I look forward to seeing the next drop. Right now it is painful to undo a character at a time.