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Unexpected selection behavior in tables when scrolling

  • Open a large table/view in schema browser
  • Select a cell
  • Scroll down (scroll-bars or mouse-wheel)
  • The blue selection stays where it belongs, but the actual selection (dotted border) moves down
  • Now press cursor down, and the blue selection follows

In my opinion, scrolling should not affect the selection. If I select the first cell and scroll to the bottom, pressing a cursor key should still allow me to return to my previous position and entering text should actually edit my selection (and scroll back to make it visible again).
The visible area should follow the selection (page down scrolls, cursor key scrolls), but changing my visible area (scroll) should not change my selection.

Most editors I know seem to do it this way (including Microsoft Excel), only Microsoft Word actually moves the cursor to the visible area instead of scrolling back, and I hate it :wink: