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Unhandled exception during run


After months of running TPC-E tests with dell-bf, it is now failing consistently, with the error:

Agent(dbf-ctrl2) Error: Unhandled exception E06D7363 occurred in one of the user threads. Transaction “TradeUpdate Transaction” run failed by virtual user 13 in agent 1 of dbf-ctrl2

Looking at dell-bf error log file, I see:

Repository Error: ODBC Error (S1000,45A) - [MySQL][ODBC 5.1 Driver][mysqld-5.5.8]The table ‘bf_realtime_detail’ is full
Unhandled exception E06D7363 occurred in console.

What can be done here?


Looks like you hit the MySQL size limit of a table or possibly ran out of disk space on the driver where the MySQL repository is located. (depending on OS it will be something like “C:\Users\All Users\Dell\BMF\Repository\MySQL\data”). To get around the problem you could delete some of the old unnecessary test runs. You may want to consider to use either a SQL Server or Oracle database as a repository database. You can migrate your existing test runs to the new repository database using the Data Migration Wizard, but note that since you have quite a bit of data, it may take a while to migrate all the data over.