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uninstalling or disabling predictive diagnostics during the holiday season


How do you disable or uninstall the prdictive diagnostics ?? We are approaching our busiest part of our business year , i.e. Thanksgiving through New Years. We need to be able to get the most efficiency from our database servers and we experience high loads at times whenever the predictive diagnostics are collecting data. Is there an easy way to do this or do we have to uninstall the predict diag altogether ? And if so what do I remove ?



The easiest way to disable or turn off the collections is via the Options for each connection.

So do this by:

  1. Connect Spotlight to the instance that needs the jobs disabled

  2. Go into the Spotlight Options and look for the Predictive Options - Degrading SQL Oracle job, Impending Bottlenecks Oracle job and Performance Modeling Oracle job.

  3. For each of these change the Data Collection Interval to zero. This will cause the three job collections will be removed.

The other more drastic option is to drop the Spotlight user and re-create without the Predictive objects, but I’d suggest using the Options first.