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Unnecessary question


Hi, this is a minor old one but I never reported it

  1. Have one or several packages open in Code Editor
  2. externally make something to one of them (for instance compile one of then in the DB Explorer)
  3. close the Code Editor …it will ask you if you want to reload the changed object = Unnecessary question …it should only close the editor (if you say yes it will reload and then close it :-))



I just can’t seem to reproduce. Did you close the code editor window or just a tab that contains the package?



Code Editor Window
I compiled one package that was used by another that was also opened.


I can’t reproduce at all. After clicking on the close button, it just closes without prompting anything. It only prompt to reload if i switch between tabs.


Hi Gwen

with the last buid I also am not able to reproduce the issue.



Thats good news Filipe. However, we didn’t fix anything related to this so we will have to keep an eye on this. Thanks a lot.


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Hi again

here is how to get the message
0) in a schema with Team coding activated

  1. open a package (doing the check out)
  2. execute in another tab a create or replace script for that package
  3. close the editor

it can ask you to save to script: click no to all
it will ask you to for reloading the object

I hope you can reproduce this


Hi Filipe,

No luck yet. We could not reproduce it here using the steps you provided :-).




I have a similar Case here :

  • Open Package with Spec
  • Just Compile Body
  • Switch to Spec
  • Compile again
    Switch back to Body-Tab --> Same Message : “Current Database Object has been…”

SQL Navigator Beta Build / Expert Edition

Thanks, Ulrich


Hi Ulrich,

Your case is actually as expected. When the package Spec is compiled, it also compiles the package body. When you switch tabs, sqlnav compares the current timestamp with the one in the DB and decides if the object has been changed. As a result, it will prompt the customer to reload.

In Filipe’s case, because he was closing the package, it should not check the timestamp and prompt him to reload. I could not reproduce the issue with the provided steps though.



OK, thank you Gwen



um, Ok, SQL Nav needs to be smarter than that. If you compile the spec, in the same editor, asking if you want to reload the body is just stupid. Nav isn’t a stupid product which is why we love it. This is an annoyance, even if it isn’t a bug.

Personal opinion, this needs to be fixed. In actuality, it seems that when I have lots of packages open that are inter-related, this message happens a lot. It’s confusing and concerning and it may cause you to lose changes because it will reload when you haven’t saved changes in a related package.

I’ll see if I can duplicate the more complicated case, but this simple case, easily duplicated, should be fixed IMHO.



Hi All,

We will look into it for you again in the area of this prompt in the product, and we will try to get the changes to you in a future Beta build.

Thanks and regards,