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unused column



It would be nice to see “set unused” next to “drop column” and “rename column” in table edit form.

Also unused (hidden) columns could be maked in cols list that exists in table. Now when i edit table i can’t see that unused cols exists in table.

For explanation : When you have table with large amount of data, the fastest way to drop column is, set as unused and then drop when users are disconnected using:
alter table table_name drop unused columns

Regards Piter


Hi Piter,

Thanks for sending the request in.

We will raise a request on your behalf. Roman and Tim K will need to look at the Table Editor VOE to determine what changes would be required to add this in for you. As mentioned in one of the previous post. We will try to implement the Rename Column feature in post 5.5 release.

Thanks and regards,