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update a physically implemented DB after modifying its model? future?


back after changing countries and new job. My new company is interested in getting a new data modelling tool, but they are concerned about toad modeller because it doesn’t support the ability to update an implemented database (database on a server) based on changes to the same database’s model in the modelling tool. i.e. apply the changes made in the model to the actual database.

Will you be implementing this in the future and if so when? It seems to be a very desired feature.

This company is using MySQL and is thinking about buying their modelling tool. I am trying to tell them no, because it locks them so heavily into that DB, and as they grow they may need to switch to Oracle.

Vladka, please let me know.





just for quick info.Are you talking about this product from Sun/MySQL ?

It has Live RE and Forward RE (among other features) in their commercial version

I don’t know when,or if we wil have these features for MySQL too,but Vladka will give you more precision answer soon.I can’t see their decision as some locking if they are using MySQL right now,maybe migration on another database looks hard for them now and simpler modeling tool looks fine for now.Don’t know their environment,HW and SW in use,type of job,and so on,but they can switch later to PostgreSQL,MS SQL,Oracle,…Toad Data Modeler can RE their DB and convert it to another.Most of the modeling tools,especially from DB makers support Live RE or Forward RE just for them or couple of mainstream DBs.We are integrated with Toad for Oracle,which has this feature for Oracle DB and ofcourse there is ,which is targeted on DB admins.



Hello BillR,

Nice to hear from you again. I hope you are satisfied in your new country and a new job as well.

To the question: At the moment, TDM supports alter script generation only for Oracle database (this applies also to the upcoming v. 3.2.4).
Although MySQL database belongs among database systems preferred by Quest (and therefore by our team and therefore in TDM), there are other db systems of even higher priority.
At the moment, I can say that alter scripts for MySQL db are not planned in the nearest future.

If you have any questions, please feel free to write me back.
Thank you.

Have a nice weekend.