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Update Meta Data for Entire Database


So, if I create a table in a database, and then want to immediately reference it, I currently navigate in the object explorer, right click Tables, and choose Refresh Item.

Rather, that’s what I should be doing. What I actually do is Right click the connection in the connection manager and select Reconnect. I do this because it’s easier than Navigating to the Database and then Tables. Reconnecting updates the meta data at all levels.

Is there some keyboard shortcut which will update the meta data for toad for the entire database so I don’t have to take my hands off the keyboard?


Hi David,

sorry you’re having trouble!

Actually we have at least two keyboard shortcuts for object explorer updating.

F5 refreshes only the current item (node) where the focus is - only Tables node, for example.

Shift+F5 updates object tree at whole and also clears cache.

Please, let me know is my answer helpful for you?