lHi all,
I’m trying to do the “MODEL UPDATE” but, at the “pairing objects” phase, it crashes.

Please see the attached log

Thanks to al


mylog.txt (34.8 KB)
mylog.txt (81.7 KB)


the error occured when attributes were paired. Please enable expert mode in Settings | Options, section General, check box Expert Mode. Then right click your model name in Physical Model Explorer (treeview) and select Test Model from popup menu. See messages in Log/Message Explorer. If there is a problem, right click the model name again and choose Repair Model. This should fix problems in your model. To make sure it helped, do Test Model again.

If it doesn’t help, please do the following:

  1. Try to do model update and in step Settings enable check box Log Progress to File. (Progress will be stored to a file. Path can be found in Settings | Options in section Paths, tab General. See item Sync & Convert Log Path.)

  2. Edit the file, scroll to bottom and see what item was processed as the last item. Then try to find the item in your model, delete it and create it again.