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Updating a data model that was imported.

Hi , Newbie question:

I have inherited a Toad data model , with submodels , for an Oracle 10g database.
It looks great and is really useful.

Problem is the database it refers to has moved on since and so the model is out of date.

If I create a new data model from the database, I won’t have all the sub models and formatting that’s been done to make it readable.

So my question is: Can I refresh the data model from the data base ?


Try the Model Update feature. In file menu, go Model | Model Update. The wizard will prompt you to connect to the live database, then simply follow the wizard.

Thanks for that.

I’m on version 2.something , and don’t see that option on the model menu.
So I guess I need to upgrade first.

Hi Adrian,

updating a bit would make a great difference in what you get, so go ahead.
If you need any more assistance, don’t hesitate and come up here with it.