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Updating a MySQL database using Toad


Can I generate alter script for MySQL 5.0 using Toad modeler read from the manual that the only way to reflect the changes from a toad model onto the MySQL database is by generating a DDL script and executing it to the database.What is the procedure to be followed to do that?

My main is concern is to reflect the changes in my Toad models onto the database that I handle.Can you suggest a method to do that using this version of Toad??




Unfortunately, TDM does not support alter scripts for MySQL.
Alter scripts for MySQL 5.0 and 5.1 are supported in TDM BETA 3.4.x and will be available in next commercial version of TDM.

So, you can check it out in the latest Beta 3.4.2 for now.
Beta download:

TDM does not support forward engineering, so you need to use a third party software to run the script in your database.

You might check e.g. this tool:

If you have more questions, please write me back. Thanks.




Thanks for that response.
So can I use TDM for reverse engineering and the Toad for MySQL freeware for forward engineering in the same desktop?



Hello Nayeef,

Yes, feel free to install TDM (or TDM Beta) and Toad for MySQL on one PC.

TDM does not support the alter script, however you can:

  1. Do the RE of your MySQL db
  2. Generate DDL script for the ERD (F9).

Before you generate the DDL script, let me recommend you to set up external editor to which the DDL will be generated directly - to Toad for MySQL in your case.

  1. Select Settings | Options | MySQL 5.0.
  2. In the Code Editor Type box, select Use Custom Editor.
  3. In the External Editor for Generated Code box, write a path to the program.
    Please find attached a screenshot with example (of Oracle 10g db).

Other tips:
See the Help file | Databases chapter | MySQL 5.0 | Reverse Engineering for details on how to RE this db.

Feel free to watch some flash movies from:
e.g. this one - the second part is about DDL script generation:

If you have any questions, please write me back. Thanks.


Vladka + TDM Team