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URGENT: How to avoid FPK in NM relationship ? just need PK


Hi List!

In Toad Data Modeler, what do I have to do to avoid FPK in a NM relationship between 2 tables :
Suppose I have 3 tables A, B and C with following attributes :
A (a_id, b_id) with a_id as PK and b_id as FK
B (b_id ) with b_id as PK
C ( c_id) with c_id as PK

Now I want to create a NM relationship between A and C : AC (a_id, c_id)
When I use the “Relationship N:M” button to create it, it automatically create :
AC with a_id, c_id but also b_id (!!) , that is what I want to avoid.

Do I have to change any option?

Thank in advance for your help


Just a new info : I use TDM version 2.25 maybe I should move this discussion to another thread. Sorry


Hi Philippe,

I guess the relationship between tables B and A is identifying and should be non-identifying.

Edit the relationship between tables B and A and change the relationship type to Non-Identifying. Attribute b_id from table B will migrate to table A as Foreign Key (FK), not Primary Foreign Key (PFK).

Hope it helps,


Info for other readers: this post is related to TDM2, not TDM3 BETA


OK I was using the wrong relationship type
Thanks a lot Vaclav !