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Usability of sidebar in UE


Can someone explain what should be happening with the sidebar of buttons in the UE?

  1. I’m noticing inconsistent behaviour in that sometimes when I perform an operation on one of the tabs that it will suddenly switch back to the DB Explorer tab.

i) in an editor, select the Describe tab
ii) choose a table from the list of available objects
iii) click on the View Data button

Another strange behaviour is that while most times when the left tab switches it seems to go back to DB Explorer (the top one), but if you’re on the Symbols tab and then close a worksheet, it switches to the tab immediately above it (Describe). Weird.

Being on any left tab EXCEPT the Matching Objects tab appears to change tabs whenever you close a SQL worksheet.

Note that the editor has now added a tab with a “SELECT *” type query, but it has also switched tabs on the left back to the DB Explorer tab. I find this a little distracting, and sometimes causes me to lose track of what I was doing

  1. Incidentally, it appears that only views and tables show up in the drop-down. Intentional? Probably since only tables/views can have their data viewed, but the V5 describe functionality also included stored code objects.

  2. The order of the drop down in the Describe tab seems to be by object type and then name. I found this less intuitive than by name and then type, but that’s just me.

  3. After re-reading this I realize how much I’ve overused the word “tab” but I’m not sure what the proper term is for those sections on the left that look like buttons - it’s a confusing looking widget.



Hi Dwayne,

  1. Thanks for bringing this up.

The idea of switching panes in the Tool pane is to keep the panes in sync with each code tab/sheet (and SQL Nav will remember each Tool pane). To meet your requirement, we will add a check box/option to allow you to Pin/lock the Tools pane. This way, the sidebar panes will not be switched when you change code tabs/sheets.

This will be in the next Beta drop for you.



Hi DK,

2, and 3. These are now under review… We are considering the addition of the ‘Sort by Name’ option for you. And whether-or-not we should include the stored code objects.

  1. We refer to the tabs on the left as the ‘Tools Pane’ and the sections within, as the various ‘panes’.
    Yes I agree that at-first-glance it can be confusing. But hopefully it won’t take too long to get used to. There are some great usability features in there!!
  • Jaime -


Is it possible to hide sidebar in CodeEditor?


Hi WebByte and welcome to the community…

Well the simple answer is ‘no’ you cannot hide the tools pane.
You can move it to the right side rather than having it on the left side of the editor.
(right click in the editor window and select the ‘Tools Pane’ entry)

We allow you to reduce the width of it, but as there is so much critical functionality within the tools pane, we thought it unwise to hide it completely.

We discussed this amongst the team today (prompted by your post), and have decided that if someone just wants to write code, and utilise the maximum work area to do this, then it makes sense to allow them to do this. We are thinking that we will introduce an ‘auto hide’ option for the tools pane… so that the user can turn it on, and then we will show the tools pane (dynamically) only if something is listed in there that needs to be brought to your attention.

Would this functionality suite you better?

  • Jaime -


This sounds cool…you mean something like the autohide of the Windows taskbar?


Yes, something like that (only much better, of course ).

  • Jaime -


*Would this functionality suite you better?
*Yes. I think it will better for old SNav users.

By the way, when I tried to hide side-bar, I have right cluck in the side-bar instead of in the editor window. It seemed to more logical. But…
Therefore I asked a question %)

Thank you!