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usage of the editor is critical (Build 972)


Hi there Down Under,

long time ago that I have posted something…
And the following notes are not from me too.
Please take a look at what my colleague Alex wrote to me in order to let you know.

Also consider the report_alex_001.JPG attachmentregarding to point 1.

If you have two or more windows in a session and you use the split window button after you have moved a tab on another position, it shows the wrong second window content. This bug effects by splitting the older window. If you have more than two windows then it is possible to create situations with having the wrong content in both splitting windows.

Connect to a Database

Type in the untitled window a SQL-Statement and execute it

Browse a table in a different window

Drag the untitled window to the right tab position

Split the table browse window => you have the wrong content

àPlease see: report_alex_001.JPG

The usage of the editor is critical. If you areediting text the window content is flickering (I can see 80 Lines on mymonitor). With the older version of Navigator (5.5.4) were no such problems.More extreme is to try to extract DDL of a Package. For the extraction of aPackage with 3225 Lines the older version (5.5.4) needs around 1 second. Thenew Version 6.0 needs 35 seconds. So you have no possibility to work in aeffective way!

I think the main problem is the delay when you change from typing text to navigate (e.g. using the ctrl-buttons and cursor-buttons). If I do this I have a delay of about 1 second. After a while the performance become better.Strange!

smime.p7s (5.04 KB)


Hi Andre,

Thanks for pointing these out for us. We defnitely will take these issues into account to improve the performance for SQL Nav.
A reason for the delay is the more advanced parser that we have in 6.0. If you compared 5.5 and 6, you will notice that the Code Explorer in 6.0 provides more information than 5.5. And these information are updated constantly why you edit the code. For large package like this one, it will delay the response time and slow down performance. To avoid this problem, you can turn off the auto reparse option which can be found in the RH menu. When this option is turned off, the Code Explorer and the Outline tool will only be updated when you refresh the tree (by collapse/expand the tree) or when you save the object.
Having said that, we will try our best to improve the performance in later release.



Hi Andre,
It turns out that the culprit is Code Collapsing. With large package, it slows down the performance heaps. Now we fixed it so that when the number of lines in a package exceeds a certain number, code collapsing is disabled. You can changed this number through preferences of the Code editor.
Roman also fixed performance issue with extract DDL. It’s now as fast as 5.5.

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