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Use Central Repository for DB Inserts-what this means?

Toad options, Code Analysys, General,Use Central Repository for DB inserts.

What is this for … Read manual which says exactly the same as in Windows help. Still uncleared.

Please a little explanation…



When doing DB inserts, you can setup your own repository instead of using the standard TOAD schema. To set this up, when you create your CA server side tables, you need to select Private under accessiblity. Then, set your central repository to the schema you’ve installed the tables into. If you selected Public under accessability, a central repository is not required.

THX for quick answer.

“When doing DB inserts”

What is DB insert in this context? Any INSERT statements I do in Toad (has no sense) or what …

Please explain why this DB insert is made for?


Damir Vadas

This is part of Code Analysis. CA has the ability to store results in it’s own repository. The DB inserts that are referenced are the CA inserts of these results into the repository.

Uf now you clear the sky … it was under CA but haven’t thought that those data may be stored in db …

However, perfect and clear.