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Using Configuration Wizard for "Toad for Oracle" deletes custom editor toolbars


If I create a custom editor toolbar and then use Tools -> Configuration Wizard for “Toad for Oracle”, my custom toolbars are gone when I relaunch Toad Data Point.


  1. Delete or rename the Application Data Directory for Toad Data Point Beta 3.8.

  2. Launch Toad Data Point Beta 3.8 (my version is

  3. When it asks to import connections, press Cancel. When it asks to migrate settings from an earlier release, press Cancel.

  4. Close all the open windows.

  5. Open a new editor window.

  6. Create a new custom toolbar with some commands in it, and turn off the other toolbars. My toolbar is called Dave Editor Toolbar and it looks like this:

1172.BETA Dave Editor Toolbar before Config BLUE.png

  1. Exit and relaunch Toad Data Point Beta 3.8.

  2. Go to Tools -> Configuration Wizard and select “Toad for Oracle,” then click on Finish.

  3. Close all the open windows.

  4. Exit and relaunch Toad Data Point Beta 3.8.

  5. Open a new editor window.

  6. The toolbars will look different due to the Configuration Wizard, but more importantly, if you try to enable the custom toolbar you created earlier, it is no longer available (and “Custom 6” is not the same as what you created earlier):

BETA Dave Editor Toolbar after Config BLUE.png

The same thing might happen when using Configuration Wizard with choices other than “Toad for Oracle”; I didn’t test all the choices. Also, the relaunching in steps 7 and 10 above may not be necessary, but it seemed to ensure more consistent results during my testing.

P.S. You should not need any active connections to test this. I didn’t connect to a database for these steps.