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using metamodel

Hi Vaclav!

One of our reasons to choose TOAD was the possibility of automation tasks by scripting. Meanwhile we automated a lot of task by scripts, which are bound to some macros selectable in the toad menu.

On the other hand, we had no success or no clear idea of using (extending) the packages/metamodel. We are looking for some deeper documentation about this beahvior.

Our main questions:

  1. package extension/dependencies
    We see your document in the forum about this subject.
    For us this is still not clear.
  • Does “extension/dependency” only influence the loading sequence of packages ?
  • If yes, what is the consequence if a package is loaded in an other order ?
  • Will there be “overloading/replacing” of code based on loading order ?
  1. Metamodel
    We see some examples for working with the metamodel (adding properties etc.).
    What we could not found/understand is extending the metamodel with “generalization” and/or “association”.
    Do you have some examples for both scenarios ?
    Can we overwrite a method in one class with our own variant ?
    can we call the (parent) method from a generalized variant ?
    Is it possible to extend a central basic class method like (Generation.generate()),
    so this affects all derived classes and databases ?

Thanks for your help.

Regards Reiner.

Hi Reiner,

good questions. Please be patient, I will need some time to prepare answers/documentation.

Thank you,


Hi Vaclav !

Will there be any progress in the next time concerning this topic ?

Regards Reiner.