Using Send Email automations for addresses outside the domain

Hi everyone,

I’ve successfully create automation tasks where two reports are emailed to someone within my organization and someone outside the organization. I currently have the to address as the person outside the organization and the cc address to me. When I test the script, it says that the email has been successfully sent. I receive the email in house- however it doesn’t reach my address outside the domain. Does anyone know what could be preventing this from happening?

Do you use Outlook for sending emails? If yes, were you able to send a email to that person outside your organization using Outlook?


Yes I am able to send emails to that person and yes I’m using outlook.

I’ve just tried to send e-mail to myself to both office and home addresses with the latest beta. No problem. Got both instantly at the same time.
Is this problem reproducible in your case? Did you try to send email to another outside recipient?


Yes, this problem is reproducible. I’ve tried sending it to the recipient outside of my organization and I’ve also tried to send it to myself at my home email address.

Interesting. Can you please send me ( your verbose logging file (logging file created with Logging level set to Verbose prior to running a script)?



Igor, thanks for getting back to me. I actually figured out what my issue was, it was the SMTP server address I had. The address I had been using only worked for those emails inside the domain. When I changed the address to a different one it began to work with no problem.

I appreciate all your help.


No problem. Glad the problem was resolved.