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Using the default value for a parameter


I received this question a couple days ago:

I am testing thefollowing function:

FUNCTION has_current_ucm_claim
( p_customer_id IN customers.customer_id%TYPE,

I was not able to find in Test Builder how I can instantiate call:

has_current_ucm_claim(12345) and omitting p_status forcing the function to usedefault value. Code Generator is always generating 2nd argument.


We are putting the ability to specify default values in the UI in 1.9. That’s the bad news; the good news is that it is already implemented on the backend.

You can follow these steps to set up generation of code that will skip your parameters with default values:

  1. Open the Test Editor, drill down to the input argument for your test case and obtain the GUID from the audit section on the bottom of the Properties tab.

  2. Execute this update statement from the schema that owns the CT repository:

WHERE universal_id = ‘’

  1. Save changes.

  2. Explicitly generate the test code.

Then you should be fine. You can verify this by checking out the test code, search for

/* Capture start time. */

That should bring you right to the invocation of your program - and you can see if a value is passed for the parameter.