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Validating API outcomes


I am trying to define a new test case that takes a complex sql type as an input parameter and returns a raw value.

I would like to validate the raw value. I have a query that will produce the raw value in a more natural fashion for the user. However, I am getting an error “Your test case does not have any active outcomes defined for it.”

Here’s what I am using:
A. Data changed by program:
[Function return value] - RAW(32767)
B. Test Type:
c. Expected results:
Same type as [Function return value]; provided value below
Expression or Query (chosen) -
select guid into e_Function_return_value1 from --query is valid

QCT came up with the "e_Function_return_value1 variable name. I put the select into because it didn’t work without it either.

I am expecting the ultimate validation to be
output_raw_16 = validation_query_raw_16

Thanks in advance


I did a quick and dirty attempt to reproduce, didn’t work. Can you send me the program header for which you have this problem?


Actually, I can’t. I re-tried creating this test several times with slightly different configurations and I got it to work. When I went back to the settings I used to start this thread, it also worked. :shrug: I’ll reply to this if I get it again. I’ll be working with the tool a lot over the next few days.


OK, sorry to hear about the seeming uneven behavior of the tool. Please note: the beta we published on Monday, April 27, does not yet have a reliable export/import mechanism. We should publish another beta tomorrow that IS reliable in this regard.