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Variation in Output compared with Interactive SQL & TOAD.


When I execute one SP on TOAD For Sybase, I get the Amount Column a bit different compared to the same running on Interactive SQL. Is there a way to find the reason or I’m I missing any settings. I checked the Tools --> Option --> Environment --> Grid – > Data Type Formatting and it still doesn’t work.

Please check the Amount Column on TOAD output which has blank values. But the same output on Interactive SQL has correct values from the database. Any help would be appreciated.

Output From TOAD


Output From Interactive SQL


Hi,Muthu. What is datatype of column amount or would you like to post your script for creating and insert data into table?

Hi Dexter, Sorry it is a third party application with the SP hidden. So can’t figure out the SP. But curious why they are different. I tried all options with the Toad Settings. I will have to request the company to provide some info on this SP. Will get back to you with those details.

Hello Muthu,

I have tried what your pic describes and here is what I find:


I use a decimal data to divide a big value integer and Toad cannot return the same result as Interactive SQL. We may investigate this issue first and would appreciate if you can provide more information about the SP you used.

Thank you,



Would you like to send me your bundle information ? It is locating in “Help --> Support Bundle” menu.

I have confirmed it is the same issue with Charon when we are running the script showing below.


declare @a decimal(15,2)

select @a= 1000000000000.22

select @a/100000000000000000000000000000000000 as Result

When you are available would you like to have a try for running this script and let me know if it is same issue(With blank output, as showing in the picture up above) with us ?


Hi Dexter & Charon,

Thanks for helping me to find a solution to this problem.

I have the same output as before. Toad gives me a blank value and Interactive SQL is giving me the result. Sorry for the delay in getting in the SP. Have informed the Third party vendor for the SP and they are delaying to give me the SP details as they have to go through a lot of security approvals to provide me the the SP.

Output from Interactive SQL.

Ouput from Toad









Sorry for the delay . The blank out with SQL above will be solved in the next beta cycle . You should test the SQL and SP during the next beta cycle early November.


Hi Dexter,

Thank you very much for the quick fix of the blank out.